Reasons why PoC don’t talk and hang out with white people:

  • Because they’re tired of various microagressions.
  • Because they fear they are being fetishized
  • Because they are tired of racism
  • Because they are tired of having to explain every aspect of racism to an ignorant white person who is unaware of their privilege.
  • Because they are tired of being treated like a token minority
  • Because they are tired of having to explain various elements of their cultural practices only to have them laughed at
  • Because they are tired of having their accents and those of their parents laughed at
  • Because they are tired of ignorant ‘well meaning’ questions
  • Because they are tired of racist ‘jokes’
  • Because they are tired of being seen as ‘over reacting’ when they point out problematic things that white people say

Reasons why white people don’t hang out with, interact with, or get involved with PoC

  • Because they are ‘weird’
  • Because they fear that they will say and do something racist and be labelled as a racist, which is much worse to white people than actually BEING a racist
  • Because of anti-Black racism
  • Because of stereotypes- i.e. Asian girls are shy, Black people are ghetto, ect.
  • Seriously, that’s it.

This is stupid I have plenty of friends that are colored. In fact I have more colored friends than I do white friend so you can stfu. My best friend is Mexican. And my sisters bestfriend is black. So before you go saying that all white people blah blah blah, And all PoC blah blah blah get your shit straight.

Nah, you are totally a racist shit.

Calling people “colored” is racist.  Using your PoC friends as tokens is racist.

Mexican is not a race and there are white Mexicans.

Your sister’s friend is not your friend otherwise you wouldn’t have to say they are your sister’s friend.

I hope the friends you have find out just how racist you actually are and drop you quick, they deserve better.

White folks, come collect your garbage.

My father said it called my mother to it. I never saw her again.

In case you ever forget… PoC can fetishize Asians, too




🌠🌈 the more you know🌈🌠

But there were no black ppl in the Medieval age tho???



shut the fuck up annette

Anonymous asked: You watched Kim's full tape or the five minute pornhub version


you think i had time to watch 79 minutes of that dry ass sex tape? she aint even have booty shots yet. her head game was awful and she was fucking brandy’s brother. nigga was lookin in the camera like he knew kanye was gone see it one day. weird as fuck. so yeah anyway i watched the whole thing.


what a beautiful day to mind ya damn business


there is not a single relationship I could be in that would fully express my entire sexuality. to a certain extent, this is true for most people regardless of whether or not they’re bisexual (what if you like tall, cleancut men AND short, bearded men).

but pan/bisexual people are uniquely made to feel as if we must be lacking in something and making some sort of compromise every time we’re in a relationship. that we’re giving up or ignoring some part of ourselves with each relationship.

I don’t! I am, fully and entirely, bisexual regardless of my relationship which is why I’m comfortable with using the term “straight” or “gay” to describe that relationship  - it does not have to describe my identity. I am bisexual and I wouldn’t stop being bisexual if given the option. It isn’t my fault that biphobic people exist and point to our happy relationships as proof that we don’t really exist. 

A relationship is part of me and hopefully an important part of me. The relationship doesn’t fully span the entire width of my attraction and that doesn’t mean I’m discontent with it or need something more from it (well, based on my past relationships, at least not due to the gender of the person I’m dating). I use the terms “gay” or “straight” because there are marked differences between my experiences in dating men and my experiences in dating women in how a homophobic, misogynistic legal system and society treats us. 

Anonymous asked: "purposefully triggering yourself" Fauxcyborg confirmed for NOT having anything actually wrong with her psychologically. You probably just pissed off everyone who actually has anxiety and panic disorder you little shit. Congratufuckinglations.


do you understand how eating disorders work or do you think things like thinspiration exist to make ourselves feel better about our bodies


Don’t watch sports anime. They will make you want to play 10 different sports all at the same time, but you suck at the sports and aren’t even in high school anymore.





I’ll just leave this here and show myself out.


You underestimate my power.


thegoldenwood asked: is this person trying to say that purposefully triggering oneself is not a thing because it is, unfortunately, a thing, and p much all of my bad days in the last month were because of that particular gravitational pull


I mean: based on their syntax they are almost certainly a hatefollower who thinks of themselves as pro REAL justice because they all write exactly the same way so it more or less probably was sent to me in this self-righteous “gotcha” without any empathy for the “real” suffers of eating disorders.

I’m so sorry about the last month and hope that this month is better for you and that your bad days are becoming less and less frequent. 


if you ever try to befriend me and you expect to be in frequent contact with me i am so sorry. i do that with maybe two people and even then i often go days or weeks withouts saying anything before talking daily for a while. 

the point is if we dont talk that doesnt mean i dont like u and think about u a lot im just terrible at maintaining close relationships