I, uh… might have gone on a pretty long rant on my Twitter just now. Here’s a small sample of my frustration.

While I personally don’t care if you loc your hair or not THIS ENTIRE MESSAGE IS SO IMPORTANT

No… culturation happens, get over it


The whites are now making up words to excuse their eternal fuckery. New low.

it’s people like you who would see china never open it’s borders and people of different cultures never mix. GUESS WHAT, THIS IS HOW CULTURES ARE MADE. THEY CHANGE! ever have a taco? “appropriation”. ever drink beer? appropriation”. You guys are so stuck up

"Culture mix"

Shut the fuck up. There is a difference between cultural exchange and appropriation.

It’s not my fault you’re too fucking glib, deliberately obtuse and narcissistic to learn the difference.

Our cultures are not a fashion statement or a novelty. You not being able to wrap your mind around that concept speaks volumes.

the fact you don’t even try to explain it says more. You feel high and mighty and you like it that way. yes, clothing is a novelty, you have no stake or ownership in cultural objects. get over it. people can and will express themselves how they want. We are all human, YOU AINT SPECIAL

Are you on the fucking internet? You could easily look it up. you dont WANT it explained, you just want to fucking whine and I can see you’re one of those shitty ass white people who uses “sjw” labels for anybody who dares to question you.

We are not all human. YOU are not human to me. Subhuman, in fact. Not worthy of consideration and less than infectious human waste. Fuck you and fuck your culture. I’m no ‘SJW” buddy. I do full on hate whiteness and white culture and it’s because of shit like this. The entitlement and narcisism for one. You think you’re welcome to everybody’s culture just because you’ve decided as much and you can’t figure out why all poc are wary of you and yours. Floored.

"You have no stake or ownership in cultural objects"

Did you hear that folks? This is how they think. This is literally Imperialism. lol. Now go cry about reverse racism. I’m not calling you subhuman because you’re white, though. Your skin color means nothing to me. It’s because you’re literally a Supremacist piece of crap who just told me you’re fucking entitled to my culture. One that YOUR culture still shits all over.

Fucking crackers, I swear to god.

woooow chill out there buddy… For future reference in a devate of any kind, if you propose a challenge, such as the one you did saying there’s a difference between appropriation and the mixing of cultures, it is YOUR responsibility to explain that.

Anyway, let me get this straight I’m being called “sub human” and less than human but I’m the ignorant one… huh.
you haven’t really put forward much of an argument at all besides beligerant swearing. You haven’t even tried to help me understand. You’ve simply regurgitated your buzzwords like entiitled and privilige. I don’t know what kind of issues you have with white people, but that doesn’t make your point correct. Culture is owned by humanity, it isn’t something that is invented, IT JUST HAPPENS. Go ahead though… walk the walk. just never wear jeans or t-shirts or eat pretty much any standard american food.

How about you suck the shit right out of my ass? how about that?

You want me to be an SJW so you can use those bullshit tactics against me. You need racism to be all about your white people feelings getting hurt so you can pretend history and current-day marginalization doesn’t matter.

You are blinded by narcissism and whiteness. Hell no I don’t want to have a conversation with you. You are a self-obsessed lost cause and, again. the reasons I cannot fucking stand Whiteness.

NOTHING MATTERS MORE TO YOU THAN WHAT YOU THINK YOU’RE ENTITLED TO TAKE FROM EVERYBODY ELSE. only then do you try and say we’re all “human”. So you can take shit. And make a mockery of us.

Yes, you are subhuman. Deal with it.





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Fixed it.

And here we have an emo teenager in their natural habitat.

Says the person calling transphobic shitheads perfect.


New comic at Complex. Thank you. 

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Rap Coloring Book on Twitter



Do you ever just

You left out the part where your ship is between a 15-year-old boy and a dude who’s 30-something-years old and his superior officer.




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Anonymous asked: I know that Scandinavians are normally really, really white, so why is everybody getting all uppity about Frozen's characters being white and not black? I just wanted to know. Sorry if I hit a sore spot for you.




This isn’t a sore spot so much as it’s a redundant and racist comment.

For one thing, no one is asking for the characters to be black. However, there is evidence to support that there were African people in Denmark. Plus, black people are not the only persons of color to ever have interactions with white people- you’re forgetting that intercontinental travel, immigration as well as colonialism/imperialism have touched most of this planet.

The reason we’re disappointed in Frozen’s characters being all white is that for one it erases the presence of native people of color who live there as well as its complicity in media inequality and exclusion. There’s also the fact that the story it’s based on, The Snow Queen featured characters of color.


Im sorry but there was NOTHING racist in what that person said…your reply is just so over the top! Its actually kind of cringeworthy…

If the anon had gone through the archive or even our “Frozen” tag, they would have found that we’ve been asked this same thing several times and the answer is always the same. We’ve honestly lost patience with this same question/comment; a simple look through the blog is all it takes to answer this.


How is their response remotely over-the-top or cringe-worthy in any way? They didn’t yell at them in capslock or call them stupid or anything




"I babysit a little girl every Sunday night and I take round a Disney film each time. She’s never seen any (she’s 3) and I want to be the one to introduce her to them, but it annoys me when she doesn’t pay attention."

Gotta get that Disney indoctrination started early eh? She’s THREE.


Also, children at that age don’t have an attention span long enough to focus on feature length films. Something more appropriate for that age would be something with a shorter format, something more like preschool entertainment. 

And to be honest, there’s something a little pompous about wanting to be the one who introduces the kid to Disney. If that kid grows, up they’re going to know what Disney is regardless of who introduces them to it or not. Plus, there’s also a chance that she may not like it.


Anybody know this movie?


i sell unbelievable combs.


"why are u so rude" is a question i get a lot

idk, i’d say it’s probably a mix of ‘knee-jerk reaction to systematic oppression and dehumanization’ and my natural personality