“Everyone loves Kharma so much but they’re gonna be disappointed when she comes back and squashes all the divas they love like Natalya, Eve and probably even AJ. “

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Not really.

OP, I think you misunderstand why many of us love Kharma to begin with. This is EXACTLY what I want… and then I want someone to step their game up and get on Kharma’s level.

Hard concept to grasp, I know.

Hopefully we’re all smart enough to know that’s never gonna happen. She’s gonna wrestle 1-minute squash matches, probably injuring all of her opponents, and then her winning streak will come to an end when Kelly beats her with a “surprise” roll-up. Calling it right now.

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Welp. Firstly, we’re of complete opposing views on Kharma and secondly, if Kharma is defeated by K2 using a roll-up that will be the LAST time I watch anything WWE related this decade.

"Kharma can’t wrestle to save her life"?

Have you even SEEN her work in Japan, SHIMMER, TNA…basically everywhere besides WWE? She’s never injured anyone (besides popping Gail Kim’s implants…BUT THAT’S WHY IT’S CALLED THE “IMPLANT BUSTER”, PEOPLE!). If anybody gets injured by her, it’s the Divas’ faults for being too fragile/not knowing how to take bumps. 

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    That’s kind of the reason I want her back. Kick AJ and Kelly’s and Eve’s asses. xD
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    If someone really believes this is true you’ll probably be disappointed. That would require devoting more time to the...
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    I just find it odd that Kharma is worthy of critiques that her peers (male and female) don’t get. Why is that, I wonder?...
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    Yes, I saw all those powerbombs and no-selling she did in TNA. It was really impressive. I also witnessed her throwing a...
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