darkknightjrk submitted:

Remember that Catwoman #0 cover that made such a kerfuffle a few months back? Well, it seems like DC’s quietly changed it. I’m not entirely sure if this is March redrawing it (he is capable of drawing more real-life women, from what I’ve seen), or if this is Adriana Melo, who’s drawing the interiors for this issue. Either way, I’m sure this redraw will be a lot more preferable to folks who follow your site, and I’m pretty sure this is the first professional/official redraw I’ve ever seen.

That looks quite good, though her legs look a bit odd to me, one seems really long.  But, I like that DC did listen to the criticisms and changed the cover. 

And yes, this is the first redraw that didn’t come with the “fan art” tag.

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    March totally gets a bad rap. The guys can hella draw some ladies. I’m fairly positive the spine breaking poses and the...
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    DC, y u disappoint me? u_u Still not entirely happy with the redone cover. But at least they re-did it.
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    This may not be loads better, but this is progress and DC actually listening to us. For what it is, this is wonderful.
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    Silly people. Even cat woman knows that spines are for sissies.
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