Rereading Is Thor a Feminist Movie? (Yes) this week over at the Social Justice League made me want to draw a billionty pictures of Jane and Darcy blowing the Bechdel Test out of the fuckin’ water. I loved Thor from the first time I saw it, but this little article makes me love it more and more every time I read it. Or maybe feel increasingly justified in my love. Either way - Branagh you beautiful beast, thank you for subverting the superhero genre in so many wonderful ways.(alsothankyouforLoki)

I also love that fandom has decided that these two are this wonderfully compatible odd couple - looking out for each other and being awesome friends. So yeah, Jane & Darcy pre-Thor, just bumming around in their comfy sweaters, drinkin’ coffee and eatin’ poptarts, talking about science, movies, the internet, whatever. Just like real women.

I friend!ship these two so hard. Seriously though, can we come up with a better feminine form for ‘Bromance’ than ‘Homance’?

I started reading that article, but couldn’t be fucked finishing it…

All the heroes and villains are mans, so what now..

Anything you make up about characters, regardless of whether it’s considered ‘canon’, is irrelevant. If you think they hung out and talked about movies that’s lovely for you, but it doesn’t mean shit. Because hey, maybe I like to imagine that there’s an intense and meaningful love story behind the porn scene where a guy is shouting ‘take it whore’ while he ejaculates onto a crying woman’s eyeball, but my mental fancy does not a feminist production make. 

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