Ami: (bowing to Tigers Eye) It’s a nice offer but…excuse us.

Tiger’s Eye: She’s such a bitch!!

And what’s the first thing thing a guy like this calls a girl who dares turn him down? A bitch!

That’s almost too painfully realistic, Sailor Moon.

I think this demonstrates pretty aptly it doesn’t matter how politely a girl rejects him- a guy entrenched in rape culture will still blame her, rage against her and call her names like this. And if she says “YES” too enthusiastically, like the other Senshi did, the man will judge her too. Tigers Eye called the other girls “greedy” for jumping all over his offer, but Ami’s a bitch for rejecting it. Women can’t win. Never mind that, again, Tigers Eye is planning to exploit Ami from the very beginning, how dare she reject his fake kindness!

This is why I hate it when stuff happens like women tell a story about how a man attacked or scared them after they rejected him firmly, and people are like “well, maybe if you were more polite, he wouldn’t have…” First of all, no. How the woman acts is irrevelevant, nothing gives a man the right to intimidate her or lash out. Act like an adult and get that she wants to be left alone for very legit reasons. Second, it does not matter how polite you are. Men who feel entitled to a woman’s affection, who are willing to act out when they don’t get their way, will take any form of rejection as an insult and an excuse to scorn women. 

If you don’t get this when a freaking kids anime does, I feel sorry for you.

Hell yes, except I reject this being described as merely a “kid’s anime”. The way Americans and Japanese regard and consume animation is very different. Yes, the demographic Sailor Moon targeted was very young kids here in the states, but as it was originally written, it had a lot of empowering and serious feminist subtext and it was meant to be enjoyed by even older girls and women. This scene wasn’t an accident or a whim!

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