There’s a thousand reasons to love these two. This is absolutely one of them.

Happy 33rd Birthday Fandango! (July 22,1981)

Happy 49th Birthday, Shawn Michaels (Michael Shawn Hickenbottom - July 22nd, 1965)
"For whatever reason, it was important to me that you thought I did a good job"


xavier lookin like a preacher by day and a pimp by night

Dolph with his hair down looks like the Dutch boy on the paint can


The latest Talk is Jericho has Christian telling a story about a debt collector named Snooks that he interacted with over some unpaid student loans and it is incredibly funny just because of the way that Christian tells it and you should all listen to it.


This is why Christian is the king of twitter

Do you think there’s ever a chance we’ll see you back in a squared circle?

He’s never coming back. He doesn’t love you anymore, ugly.

Nation of Domination 2.0 AKA “We saw MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King on TNA and we’re gonna copy that”


dean ambrose and seth rollins

Trips is burying her in his mind


He can totally sex me.

If you are what you say you are

a superstar

then have no fear

the camera’s here

and the lights are on

and they want a show-oh-oh-oh


Always cool when your album drops the same day as #WeirdAlYankovic's and you hit the same places throughout the day whilst promoting it ~ IAmJericho

I saw Jericho on the news this morning but no Weird Al! :C

The State of Layla’s fantastic rack