Post sex workout Rollins

“If I remember correctly, it was a little girl, maybe 8 to 10 years old. I was walking down and I was going to talk from the crowd, so I was walking halfway down [the stands] and right as I get to the spot that I wanted to talk from, I just feel these little arms wrap around me, down near my sternum. I almost broke character. [I got] the biggest smile and started laughing. I think they may have cut away and went to the ring, but it was the cutest thing ever.”


Ladies and gents, teen!Roman

Making the Kevin Nash frog-face


fuk u

Terrible babby Seth



Everybody in the tags fucking LOVES this ring attire but I hate it!! I WANT THE LONG TIGHTS BACK

I’ve come to the stunning yet obvious realization that Bayley and Tyler Breeze are a lot like Elena and Vega from Street Fighter, TBH

I love guys who quote Batman ‘89 in apropos of nothing

Dean and a Little Jimmy


Big Chris/Little Chris.... #ZiaRecordsLasVegas @fozzyrock ~ IAmJericho

The worst mid-life crisis tattoos


Is it Wednesday yet? 

Chris Jericho does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.