AU: Once again being ridiculed for never defending his title, Dean Ambrose decides to open up another open challenger championship match. No one comes out at first causing Dean to grow restless until a bubbly beat fills up the arena. Out comes NXT diva and number one fangirl for everything wrestling, Bayley, waving enthusiastically at the crowd and especially at The Shield in the ring. The boys all laugh, clearly not taking Bayley seriously at all. But to humor her, Dean Ambrose allows the match to occur. He tells Seth and Roman to leave, saying he won’t need them for this match. Bayley appears to go in for an innocent hug but ends up performing her finisher the Belly to Bayley, surprising everyone in the arena. She goes for the pin and gets the win, becoming the new United States Champion as Dean looks on in complete and utter shock. 

Then Dean starts flailing around like a six year old throwing a hissy fit and Baley remarks that he smells like Funyuns

AU: During one of Zeb Colter’s infamous anti-immigrants speeches, Aksana decides to cut in. She enters in sarcastically clapping and telling the boys that their views and ideas are perfect. She soon calls out Antonio Cesaro, claiming that he has sold himself out and that she can’t believe he went from a man proud of his heritage to someone who’s more proud of being part of America. She ends her piece by telling Antonio that she misses his old self and the new Antonio “makes her sick.”

I miss Antonio/Aksana


Main 8 Gym Leaders.

Ryback needs a Snorlax (or a Munchlax) ‘cuz he’s always eating

"You better settle your tea-kettle, young man~!"


this cute bugger.

Twice in the history of Extreme Rules and its predecessor One Night Stand has the vacant World Heavyweight Championship been contested for with ladders involved. The first time was in 2008, where Edge conquered The Undertaker in TLC to win his third World Title. The second occasion was three years later, when the recently-retired Edge helped Christian defeat Alberto Del Rio in a Ladder match to win his first World Heavyweight Championship, just weeks after the Rated R Superstar vacated the gold.

"And before anyone asks, no, I do not miss the Swiss."


Pictures By Me: Paul Heyman cuts the simplest promo ever. [April 15th, 2014]

Trust me, while this may look simple and even plain to some, this garnered one of the loudest reactions I’ve ever heard from a live crowd. Incredible. Paul Heyman is the man.


and they wonder why slash exists.


Sings, signs (by @WrasslorMonkey)


Mornings are hard sometimes…