They switched hair colors, LOL

anonymous asked: cameron or naomi?

Lana is oblivious to the fact that she’s about to become Bayley’s next sneak attack hug victim. Bayley may end up regretting this one, though.

I’m here for the Scar shirt


I took this photo last Monday when Superstars was being filmed.

When Renee came out, I was so excited to see her live. But then she went over and sat down to do commentary. I felt like I was one of the only people in my section who noticed. I looked over at my brother and said “Look! She’s doing commentary!” Him and everyone else didn’t think it was a big deal. However, I thought it was incredibly awesome. When was the last time WWE had a female commentator? Exactly. So this was a big deal.

Whenever I’d look over to her, you could tell she was having the time of her life. She kept smiling through out all the matches. She was obviously happy to be there!

It makes me proud that someone like her is able to climb her way up in WWE. Her hard work, knowledge/passion for the product, and personality has definitely gotten her far in this company. Now let’s all hope that her success continues and that her future continues to be bright.

I pray to gawd she doesn’t leave for ESPN

It’s a good little exercise, you should try it out.