TW: Racism, Sexual Violence, Rape, Sexism. When people say that mistreatment of Indigenous folks in America was hundreds of years ago.


No. Just no.

The Indian Child Welfare Act, is not reparation for events that took place 300 years ago.

The reason is it NOT OK to dress up like this or like an Indigenous culture, is not because of events that took place 300 years ago.  

Indigenous cultural appropriation is not offensive because of events that took plea 300 years ago. It is offensive and racist because the colonization of Indigenous cultures has spanned decades and continues to take place in violent and racist manners. 

A study released by the General Accounting Office in November of 1976 reported that Native women were being sterilized without their consent. 25% of Native women of childbearing age were sterilized without their consent. Some reservations had sterilization rates as high as 80%. 

Depro-Provera was used on Native Women during the 1980’s, BEFORE it was approved by the FDA in 1992. Disabled women were administered depro-provera at particularly high rates to keep them from having their periods, and therefore “cleaner” for their caretakers. It was also used to regulate their emotions. One doctor, Raymond Jannet stated “Depo Provera turned them back into their sweet, poor handicapped selves.”

In 1982 a video game titled “Custer’s Revenge” centered around players gaining points everytime they raped a Native woman, in the form of General Custer. The game’s slogan: “When you score, you score.”

 During the Mowhawk Crisis of 1990 in Oka, white mobs forced a woman who had just given birth and was hemorrhaging, to “spread her legs” to prove it, before allowing her to leave the reservation to get medical care. 

Two Native women went to Oka to film the crises and were arrested and detained for 11 hours, despite having no charges filed against them. They were held in a room covered with pornographic images, and not allowed to go to the bathroom unless they allowed the male police officers to watch. 

These are just a FEW examples of the continual sexual violence and the colonization of Indigenous peoples in the U.S.A.  The Justice has reported that 1 in 3 Native women experience sexual violence, that is twice the national average. 

The near genocide of indigenous cultures, through colonization after European contact is nothing to be forgotten or moved past either. It was a violent, calculated, racist practice. The events that took place were horrific. And do not exist within a vacuum in the past. Indigenous peoples continue to be colonized through forms of media that allows for their continual mistreatment.

This is very important


If you reblog a post with really graphic violence, abuse, descriptions of said abuse/violence (this especially includes sexual violence) YOU NEED TO TAG IT AND ADD A TRIGGER WARNING.

And you need to make sure the warning goes BEFORE any really graphic images.  Preferably, if you MUST add really graphic images use the “insert/edit image” option to link to one, not “Upload Photo,” that way you have to click it to see it.

“Shocking” people into sympathy may seem like a great scare tactic to get people to care about your issue, but it’s very traumatizing to the victims of the crimes you are trying to spread awareness about.  If you really care about victims, do not rub this shit in their faces by posting really graphic images/descriptions where they can stumble across it unprepared.

This is the same tactic anti-choicers use to freak people out.  Don’t be like that.  Post a warning so people who are triggered by this stuff can avoid it. Tags also help for people who use Tumblr Savior to block certain keywords on their dash.

Here’s a trigger warning FAQ. It’s not hard.