Schwyzer is still a goy who says really awful, appropriative things about Hinduism and Judaism like this:

Perhaps the best way to think about Kabbalah’s relationship with Judaism is to think about yoga. Americans often forget that yoga came to this country as a Hindu spiritual practice; long before it was seen as healthful exercise, it was inextricably linked with that ancient faith from the Indian subcontinent. But as many of its devotees point out, and as most of us accept, yoga has a universal application – it is a set of practical mental and physical tools that can benefit anyone. Much the same is true of Kabbalah. Though most of the greatest kabbalists have been Jewish, it would be more accurate to say that Kabbalah has been something concealed within Judaism rather than an exclusively Jewish practice. Like yoga, Kabbalah is now being made available to the world thanks to the work of the Centre. And just as many of the purists objected that yoga was only for Hindus, so too many now object that Kabbalah is only for Jews. But they are wrong, on both historical and spiritual grounds.

Thank you, you white goy for telling both Hindus and Jews that we don’t know our culture and history and spiritual practices.

We REALLY needed that from your WASP-y ass.